Exercise does not have to be grueling or exhausting

Rachel specializes in targeted fitness techniques that will transform your body and make you feel better than ever.  Exercise does not have to be grueling or exhausting to be effective. In fact, mindful exercise in a positive environment produces far superior results than sweating it out on the treadmill, waiting for the minutes to tick away.

Rachel will work with you to build a plan that meets your specific goals, whether that is weight loss, sculpting/toning, flexibility, improved stamina and energy, or stress reduction. Your customized fitness plan will draw upon Rachel’s expertise in Pilates, Barre, high intensity interval training, equestrian fitness, and mindfulness techniques. All training programs take place in a relaxed, supportive, and fun atmosphere.  The idea is to build a fitness program that you actually enjoy.


Fitness Training Options

StretchPrivates, Duos, Trios, & Small Groups by Appointment

  • Bristol Office
  • In your home or office

Fitness Testimonials

“I started working with Rachel Pelisson in Pilates classes this past summer and can’t believe the results! A series of health issues resulted in an absence of regular exercise and I did not know how to safely transition back. Her classes are amazing….challenging but doable.  My posture and strength improved much faster than I have experienced with any previous trainer.  I have brought some of her stretches into to my own practice as a chiropractor…I don’t know of any greater compliment.” –  CD

“Rachel’s style of teaching is precise, informative and efficient. She watches and learns where I am in my fitness and caters accordingly. Just when I think I’ve mastered the technique, Rachel switches it up and makes it burn a little more, always looking to improve! I love the challenge and I just love Rachel!” – WP

“Training with Rachel has opened up a whole new world of fitness for me.  Working out does not have to be stressful to be effective. There’s effort involved, for sure, but when you feel understood and supported by a trainer with such wonderful energy, finding the motivation to keep up the effort (and to try new things) is easy. And a ton of fun!” – HD