Relieve Back Pain through Targeted Stretching

9 November 2015

Pigeon pose

This stretch changed my life!  I was experiencing significant back pain, despite exercising to strengthen my core, working on posture, and seeking medical assistance.  I began working with a Pilates instructor who recommended I do more exercises to release tightness in my glutes (think booty muscles) and open my hips.  I began practicing the “Pigeon” stretch and it helped to eliminated about 90% of my back pain.

1.) Start on all 4’s in a squared table pose.
2.) Draw one knee in between the hands & extend the back leg straight.
3.) For a gentle stretch keep the foot of the bent knee under the hip.  To deepen the stretch slide the foot of the bent knee toward the opposite hand.
3.) Keep the hips square to the floor.
4.) Let the body weight deepen the stretch by allowing the hip to open towards the floor.
5.) Repeat on the opposite side.

Opens the hip, groin, hamstrings.  Elongates the back & relieves pressure on the lower back.  Improves posture & overall flexibility.

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