Probiotics Reduce Incidence & Severity of Colds

28 October 2015

Let’s face it…It’s cold and flu season. Unfortunately, we can’t change this, but we can reduce the incidence & severity of colds through the use of probiotics!

What probiotic should you take? Good question.  Not all probiotics are created equal.  The potency & strain of a probiotic are important to consider. A probiotic that helps prevent constipation may not help to reduce colds. That’s why I’ve done the research for you.  I’d recommend 2 supplements, one for adults and one for children.

UltraFlora Balance (adults)

UP4 Junior (children)

These probiotic supplements can be started when some one in the household gets a cold or upon the fist sign of getting a cold yourself.  They’ve been proven to reduce the length of a cold by 2 days.  Probiotics are considered safe for most people.  Only those with a compromised immune system should avoid probiotic supplementation.

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