Distance Coaching Now Available!

22 September 2015

I’m very excited to announce, that I’ve added distance coaching via the web to my list of services!  I’ve connected with countless people who want to work with me, but don’t live in the Rhode Island area.  Well, problem solved!  (For the most part anyway…I haven’t fiddled with distance Pilates instruction yet, but you never know!)  Distance coaching is a growing trend which helps people meet their health & wellness needs without leaving their home or office, whether you are a parent and can’t deal with getting a babysitter or busy working long hours and want a quick coaching session on your lunch break.  You may even be local to Bristol, RI, but find that web coaching is just more convenient and offers more flexibility.  Whatever your reasons, you have another resource to help you meet your health goals and feel better!

A little unsure about the technical aspects?  Not to worry, it’s very easy!  Simply schedule your appointment and I’ll reach out to you to select your preferred web connection (Google Hangouts or Skype).  Check out the Scheduling tab or give me a shout to make your appointment!

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