Intuitive Eating

There are a vast variety of ways we are told to eat. Some diets that tell us that carbohydrates are the enemy and some tell us that you can eat as much McDonald’s as you want as long as it stays within your allotted macronutrient range. Intuitive eating is an eating style that has been […]

Total Body Strengthening: Plank

Plank A plank may look like a simple exercise, but it is rather difficult. When performed correctly, a plank can provide the following benefits: 1.) Toned stomach & core 2.) Reduced back pain 3.) Improved balance & posture Instructions: Hold your elbows directly under your shoulders. Keep the body parallel to the ground. Keep the […]

Relieve Back Pain through Targeted Stretching

Pigeon pose This stretch changed my life!  I was experiencing significant back pain, despite exercising to strengthen my core, working on posture, and seeking medical assistance.  I began working with a Pilates instructor who recommended I do more exercises to release tightness in my glutes (think booty muscles) and open my hips.  I began practicing […]

Fall Fitness in Tiverton, RI

We’re keeping the momentum going planning the next round of Fall Fitness Workshops!  Join me and fight that slow drain in energy that tends to happen as the days shorten.  Classes will leave you feeling limber & energized!  We’re also approaching the holiday season.  An enjoyable fitness routine can help PREVENT a bulging waist line […]

Fall Fitness Workshops in Tiverton

Session 2 starting September 29th! Pilates – Strengthen, lengthen, tone, stretch.  Pilates is a mindful experience matching movement with breath.  Make the class your own by focusing on stretching, lengthening or increase the intensity with optional challenge moves to focus on muscle building.  Pilates class will leave you feeling relaxed and limber. Boot Camp – […]