Intuitive Eating

There are a vast variety of ways we are told to eat. Some diets that tell us that carbohydrates are the enemy and some tell us that you can eat as much McDonald’s as you want as long as it stays within your allotted macronutrient range. Intuitive eating is an eating style that has been […]

Eating for Two; What Can You Do?

Learn to maintain your stamina while nourishing your growing baby! Join us for a fun, interactive discussion for expecting moms & their supporters. Learn about food cravings, healthy weight gain, and eating to keep you energized. Enjoy a pregnant-friendly snack & embrace your changing body through mindful eating.

Homemade Veggie Broth

Homemade Veggie Broth Whenever I make a meal with lots of vegetables, I take all the ends and trimmings and make veggie broth. Homemade broth is so easy to make, essentially free, and saves you from lugging containers of broth from the store. Instructions: Place trimmings of vegetables (any kind) in a large pot. Fill […]

Relaxing Breath 4:7:8

Relaxing Breath 4:7:8 Breathing is one of the most basic & effective ways to reduce stress. By simply focusing on deep, relaxed breathing you can lower stress hormones, reduce blood pressure, and help clear your mind. Try this exercise: Breath in for 4 seconds Hold your breath for 7 seconds Exhale for 8 seconds This […]